Lost or Found Pet

 Lost a Pet

Lost a Pet? What to do
Follow These Tips!

  1. Search your property thoroughly. Cats and small dogs can get into some mighty strange places.
  2. Walk the neighborhood, talk to everybody, and leave your phone number-leave flyers.
  3. Call out to your pet while you walk around the neighborhood! Animals can hear you from great distances. Listen carefully for an answer back – they could be behind closed doors!
  4. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE VISIT or CALL us at (906) 789-0230. Consider calling other shelters if you live near the Delta County lines.
  5. Place an ad in the local newspaper. These are often free!
  6. Contact Lost and Found Paws of the UP on facebook.
  7. Spay/neuter your pet-it’s the number one reason they run!

Delta Animal Shelter 789-0230.

For more helpful information on lost pets, please go to:

Found a Pet

Found a Pet? What to do:

If you have found a pet, please notify us immediately! You may bring the pet to us any day of the week during business hours. The police departments have access to bring animals to us after hours, so if you find a stray call (906) 786-5911, they will meet you at the shelter or come pick the animal up from you and bring it to us. Do not keep a stray animal at your house. The first goal is to reunite that animal with its owner.

The Delta Animal Shelter (906) 789-0230

About Delta Animal Shelter:

The Delta Animal Shelter is a 501(c)3 private, non-profit organization dedicated to the direct care of the animals of Delta County. This shelter wasoperated by the County Sherriff’s department until budget cuts forced a permanent closure of the facility in August of 2011. To prevent a permanent closure, a group of animal lovers, The Delta Area Animal Society, took over operations.

We are the county’s only animal shelter, providing a safe shelter, food and medical care to over 1200 animals each year. We are an open-admissions shelter, and turn no animal away. We shelter and provide direct care to any animal in need. Each animal receives compassionate care from our staff and volunteers while they wait to be reunited with their families or to find a new forever home. Warm blankets, toys and treats, time spent socializing with caring people; all are a part of the animals’ experience at the Delta Animal Shelter.